Robusta Coffee Bean


Specification: On sieve No 18: 90% min. Moisture: 12.5% max. Foreign matter: 0.5% max. Black & Broken: 2% max. Packing: jute bag ( net 60 kg)

Origin: Viet Nam – Port of loading: Ho Chi Minh Port, Viet Nam ,……..

Corn Silage

Corn silage is a high quality, high-calorie feed that is suitable for ruminants especially for dairy cows and beef cattles. With high nutritional content and digestibility, it can make the cattles more healthy and optimize the productivity and quality of the milk cows.


Black Pepper

Black pepper is both a popular spice used in cuisine and has been used as a medicine in traditional medicine. In addition to pipeline, the black pepper also contains iron, potassium, calcium, manganese, zinc, chromium, vitamins A, C and many other nutrients. Use black pepper regularly when preparing food to the body to enjoy the health benefits,……..

Husk Coconut

Description: Dried coconut has many essential nutrients such as fiber, copper, manganese … With high nutritional value, dried coconut is one of the best dried foods that should be included in your diet to have a meal. live healthier. Dried coconut is rich in fiber and helps you have a healthy heart. Helps improve brain function, strengthen the immune system, prevent infertility in men, help prevent anemia, reduce cancer risk , reduce digestive problems like constipation, duodenal ulcers and hemorrhoids, prevent arthritis………

dried coconut 5-600-450


Cinnamon, although often used as a spice, fragrance but in parallel, cinnamon is also considered as a medicinal herb with beneficial medicinal properties. With the ability to fight some viruses so cinnamon is sometimes used to fight colds, flu. Another strong side of cinnamon is to help boost the digestive system with high fiber content (2g cinnamon has about 1.3g fiber). Also cinnamon-rich antioxidant protects the cell……..

Green Fresh Seedless Lime

Lime is a good source of vitamin C. In addition, lime also has a multitude of other uses such as: arthritis joints, skin, solves, lowers cholesterol, bites or sandstroke traces, ……


Cashew Kernels

Cashew nut has sweet taste and bring many benefits to our heath like: offer nutritious, making our body warming, soothing and relaxing. This product is good for weak and sick person, sore throat due to weather. More over when roasted, cashew nuts taste have delicious, sweet, fresh and  unique taste. Often used for making candies, buns, even shampoos or cosmetics……..

Frozen Red Chili

Chilli pepper is a very popular spice for everyone. Not only does it help with appetite, provides usVitamin A and a small amount of carotene (provitamin A), butit also has some surprising effects, such as reduced fat, pain relief, cancer cell……..


Green Fresh Mango

Mango is a good source of vitamin. In addition, mango also has a multitude of other uses such as: lowers cholesterol, good for the heart, good for digestion, boost the immunity, support weight loss, beautiful skin, ……


Fresh coconut is a good source of vitamin, water. In addition, fresh coconut also has a multitude of other uses such as: good for the heart, good for digestion, water supply, support weight loss, beautiful skin, ……



Pomelos is a good source of vitamin C. In addition, pomelos also has a multitude of other uses such as: support weight loss, lowers cholesterol, …


Processed into many dishes. Peanut may be roasted with salt, roasted dry, boiled even eaten raw. Peanuts can also make butter, candy … So choose peanuts as a food that should be eaten in your diet in order to be healthy…….



The most important fiber plant in tropical countries. Cotton is the major raw material in the textile industry. Cotton fibers are very popular in the apparel industry because they have good properties such as heat, softness, elasticity, breathability, etc. Although in recent years cotton fibers have been severely competitive, due to its superior properties, the cotton still has a distinct and irreplaceable location……..

Fresh Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is a good source of vitamin C. In addition, passion fruit also has a multitude of other uses such as: good for cardiovascular, support to have a good sleep, good for digestion,……