Cashew Kernels

Product name:  CASHEW KERNELS

Description: Cashew nut has sweet taste and bring many benefits to our heath like: offer nutritious, making our body warming, soothing and relaxing. This product is good for weak and sick person, sore throat due to weather. More over when roasted, cashew nuts taste have delicious, sweet, fresh and  unique taste. Often used for making candies, buns, even shampoos or cosmetics.

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Not only the world leader in export, Vietnamese cashew nut is highly appreciated by international friends for the quality. Vietnam is considered as the leader in quality cashew nuts besides Indonesia and Tanzania. Vietnamese cashew nuts is not only great in quality but also high in terms of color and size. With the above, we are proud and honored to promote the export of  Vietnamese cashew nuts to the world market.


Grade: W240; W320.

– Moisture: 5,5% Max

– Broken: 5% Max

– Melasma: 3% Max

– Mould and fungus: 1%

– Silk sell: 3% Max

– Dent rate: 3% Max

Cashew Kernels
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