Cat Chu Mango

Product Name: Cat Chu Mango

Description: Cat Chu Mango is a kind of specialty mango of Dong Thap province. Along with Hoa Loc mango, Cat Chu mango is also one of the mango species that have high commercial value in the market thanks to the quality of flavor characteristics. Cat Chu mango is ripped with a bright yellow color, rich in meat and slightly tender, soft, sweet and very fragrant. Mango slices in the mouth often sweet and fragrant long. Cat Chu mango is rich in antioxidants helps prevent aging, while also providing high levels of amino acids for humans. Currently Cat Chu mango notonly captured the popularity of domestic customers but also exported to many countries.

Size: 250-500g / pieces
Storage life: 12-13oC
Unripe: 14 days
Ripped: 5-7 days

Loose/ carton, net weight 5kg
Remark As customers requirement.

Payment: TT/LC
Availability calendar: March-August
Certification: Global GAP, C/O, Phyto

Cat Chu Mango

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