Product nameCINNAMON

Description: Cinnamon, although often used as a spice, fragrance but in parallel, cinnamon is also considered as a medicinal herb with beneficial medicinal properties. With the ability to fight some viruses so cinnamon is sometimes used to fight colds, flu. Another strong side of cinnamon is to help boost the digestive system with high fiber content (2g cinnamon has about 1.3g fiber). Also cinnamon-rich antioxidant protects the cell. As a result of several in vitro and animal studies, cinnamon containing compounds related to insulin properties have been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of diabetes.

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We are one of the leading cinnamon loureiroi exporter with best price and high quality in Vietnam. The product has high oil content and good taste. We are producing and exporting many kind of cinnamon spices, so we can control with our best in quantity, quality and others…


Thickness: 0.5-1.7mm  (80%)

             1.8 -2.5 mm (20%)

Length: 20-45cm.

Moisture: 13.5%

Powder: 5-10 %

Impurities : 1 %

No mold, notermite; bright yellow item.s

Packing: 10kg/carton

Que-001-600-450 Que-002-600-450 Que-003-600-450

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