Corn Silage


Corn Silage

Corn silage is a high quality, high-calorie feed that is suitable for ruminants especially for dairy cows and beef cattles. With high nutritional content and digestibility, it can make the cattles more healthy and optimize the productivity and quality of the milk cows.

Corns are harvested after 80-90 days, for whole plant (both trees and fruits) with moisture content of 65-70%. Then they can be mixed with Molasses and Pineapple and kept in minimum 15 days for fermentation.

The chopped corn plants was directly packed in airtight PE bags with the PP bags covering outside.

Corn Silage Specifications: (may be changed as customer’s request)

Size                 :    0.5 – 2 cm;

Moisture          :    65-70%;

Materials         :   100% natural;

Total fat          :    About 1%;

Protein             :   min 3%;

Mineral            :    About 1.2%;

Crude fiber      :    min 4.5%;

PH                    :   max 4.5%;

Packing           :   600 kgs/Jumbo bag with airtight PE inside,24 tons/40HC or as the Customer’s request.

Corn Silage

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