Dragon Fruit

Product Name: Dragon Fruit

Description: These trees are widely planted in the South of Vietnam. Ripped dragon fruit had a mildly sweet taste and was soft like an avocado. If youre one of those people who dont normally eat fruit, the mild taste may appeal to you. In addition, dragon fruit has abundant nutrients such as vitamins C, B1, B2 and B3, and essential minerals including phosphorus, iron and calcium. Dragon fruit is grown in Vietnam includes white flesh and red flesh. At present, thanks to the application of technology into cultivation, dragon fruit can be harvested all year round.

Size:Extra-large: greater
than 500 g
Large : 380 to 500 g
Regular : 300 to 380 g
Medium : 260 to 300 g
Storage-life: 17-20 days at
at 5
by sea or by air.
Payment term: LC/TT
Availability calendar: Year-round
Certification: Global GAP, C/O, Phyto

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Dragon Fruit
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