Form Plywood

Form plywood is used mostly for the construction (casting column, slab, beam). It uses water proof glue (Phenolic) which is able to reuse many times. The surface of plywood is finished by rich red and high-grade continuous press coating that has timber texture looked glowingly bright.


+ Water proof glue: 100% Phenolic

+ Core and surface: Rubber, Acacia,…

+ No of layers: 9 – 11

+ Moisture: 12% max

+ Thickness: 18 – 25mm, width: 150 – 600mm, length: 3000 – 4000mm

+ Tolerance: ± 1mm

+ Packing: 50CBM/40ft (pallet and belt tightening)

+ Capacity: 10,000 sheets/month

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Form Plywood
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