Frozen Red Chili

Product name:  FROZEN RED CHILI

Description: Chilli pepper is a very popular spice for everyone. Not only does it help with appetite, provides usVitamin A and a small amount of carotene (provitamin A), butit also has some surprising effects, such as reduced fat, pain relief, cancer cell….

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Our company, Mi Na Export Co., Ltd is a professional company in exporting Vietnam frozen chili pepper. We can supply product in a large quantity, exporting standard quality and competative price.We have exported this product to some fastidious markets such as EU, Japan, Korea.


Chilli is preliminarily disposed of waste, stalk and rotting bulbs, frozen at -40 ° C to -30 ° C and stored at -18 ° C.

– Status: no stalks, intact, clean, no pests, damaged, no powder, no chemical. Products are able to withstand physical impact when transported under freezing conditions.

– Color: Natural red

.- Style: Frozen

– Freezing Process: IQF

– Shelf life: 2 years (Storage at-18ºC)

– Size

+ Small size: 3 – 5 cm

+ Size: 4 – 6cm, 7 – 9cm

            – Flavor: Natural Spicy.

– Moisture: 60%-80%

– Packing : in PE/PP bag.

+ By air: packing 500g/bag X 20 bag/carton, 1kg/bag – 2kg/bag or according to customer’s requirements.

+ By sea (containers): 20kg/bag, about 20tons/cont 40ft, carry in Freeze Container -18ºC. Or according to customer’s requirements.

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Frozen Red Chili
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