Green Fresh Mango

Product name:  FRESH MANGO

Description: Mango is a good source of vitamin. In addition, mango also has a multitude of other uses such as: lowers cholesterol, good for the heart, good for digestion, boost the immunity, support weight loss, beautiful skin, ……

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Our company, Mi Na Export Co., Ltd is a professional company in exporting Vietnam green fresh Cat Chu mango and Hoa Loc mango. We can supply product in a large quantity, exporting standard quality and competitive price. We have exported this product to some fastidious markets such as EU, Japan, Korea, Polska.


– Type: Cat Chu Mango and Hoa Loc Mango

– Grade: A

– Style: fresh fruit

– Color: green skin and yellow skin

– Cultivation Type: Common

– Weight: 250gram /piece – 550gram/ piece

– Certification: PHYTO, C/O, Global Gap

– Packing : in carton of  2kg/3kg/4kgs or as requirement of buyer

– Quantity capacity: large quantity

– Origin: Vietnam

Green Fresh Mango

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