Husk Coconut

Description: Dried coconut has many essential nutrients such as fiber, copper, manganese … With high nutritional value, dried coconut is one of the best dried foods that should be included in your diet to have a meal. live healthier. Dried coconut is rich in fiber and helps you have a healthy heart. Helps improve brain function, strengthen the immune system, prevent infertility in men, help prevent anemia, reduce cancer risk , reduce digestive problems like constipation, duodenal ulcers and hemorrhoids, prevent arthritis

Size: 700 gram – 1500 gram/ piece

Shelf life: 60 days


Outer packing 9 pieces/ close carton or 10 pieces/ bag
Remark As customers requirement


Container 40RF:

2175 cartons per container

2200 bags per container

Preservation temperature: 2°C

Delivery: by sea

Payment term: LC/TT

Availability calendar: Year – round

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Husk Coconut
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