Product name:  PEANUT

Description: Processed into many dishes. Peanut may be roasted with salt, roasted dry, boiled even eaten raw. Peanuts can also make butter, candy … So choose peanuts as a food that should be eaten in your diet in order to be healthy.Price: contact us


Our company, Mi Na Export Co., Ltd is a professional company in importing Peanut from America, India, Gambia and re – export in domestic. We can supply product in a large quantity, exporting standard quality and competative price. We have exported this product to some customers such as foodstuff for cattle, press oil…


– Type: peeled peanuts

–  Process: pure

– Quantity: 180-200 / 200-220 / 220-240 seeds / 100 grams

– Humidity: 10% max

– Impurity: 20% max

– Unfinished seeds: 3% max

– Harvest year: current year

– Origin: USA, India, Gambia

– Time of use: 24 months from the date of manufacture

– Packing: 12.5 /25/50/60 Kg in PP bag or jute bag, 17/19 tons in 1 container 20 feet.


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