Wood Pellets
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Wood Pellets

Material is made from sawdust, shavings, by-products wood,… Wood pellets can be used rubber wood,. Acacia wood, pine wood,… According to buyer’s requirement, our products meet grade I2 for power plant according to Korea’s standard

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Diameter8 mm
Length10 - 40 mm
Moisture10% max
Ash1.5 - 3% max
Calorific3,950 - 4,600 kcal/kg
Capacity10,000 - 20,000 tons/month


Wood pellets, also known as a biomass fuel, made from sawdust. Under the influence of temperature and pressure, raw materials link together into solid pellets which do not include additives. Wood Pellets generate large amounts of heat due to low moisture. Our main market are Korea and Japan. Packing: Bulk in vessel, Bulk in container, in carton, in jumbo bag.

    Wood pellets packing bulk in container

Wood pellets packing in jumbo bag

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